New Zealand Video Game Sales Continue Upward Trajectory


Auckland, NEW ZEALAND – 14 June 2022 – The demand for video games in New Zealand continues to explode according to consumer sales data released today by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA).  In 2021, Kiwis spent over $540 milion on video games and consoles.

Video game hardware sales were almost $71 million dollars, leading to strong software sales in both digital and physical formats.  New Zealand gamers are mostly purchasing products in a digital format and also love mobile games with sales exceeding $197 million in 2021.

IGEA has recently updated agreements with data suppliers sourcing consumer sales from GSD and Newzoo++.  GSD reports on major publisher and hardware sales in both physical and digital format across numerous international markets, while Newzoo reports on game sales data globally. Working with IGEA members, we ensured both sources offer reliable and consistent consumer sales data from around the world that identifies global trends.   Newzoo also provides subscription data which is essential when looking at how subscription services impact the way Australians are now playing games.

Tom Wijman, Head of Market Analysis & Forecasting at Newzoo said, “New Zealand’s market for digital PC and console games grew again year on year to $225 million. The growing install base for game consoles as well as further lockdown measures lead too oan overagll growthi in sales for 2021.  The market for mobile games grew faster than any other segment, but unlike the global average, New Zealand’s PC and console markets are still larger than its mobile market.”

Aidan Sakiris, ANZ Territory Manager and Senior Analyst at GSD contributes, “Total New Zealand video game spending was in growth for 2021 driven by a sizeable increase in Hardware sales year-on-year. This was largely due to the heightened availability of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S throughout the year, but also the increasing relevance of Nintendo Switch in the New Zealand market. Software charts comprised of new releases including FIFA 22 and Far Cry 6 as the top performers, but also select titles generally being sold alongside new hardware purchases such as Spiderman: Miles Morales on PS5 as well as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.”

Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA says “New Zealanders have long had a love for playing video games and continue to embrace playing games in all formats.  According to our Digital New Zealand 2022 (DNZ22) report, over 3.7 million New Zealanders play games.  Games are played not only for fun and entertainment but for social connection and education with consumer sales growing accordingly.  Playing games is part of every day life for the majority of Kiwis ”

An accompanying sales data infographic can be downloaded here.


About the research

Games Sales Data (GSD) is a video game sales and reporting initiative for the games industry, by the games industry. GSD report on the sales of both physical retail and digital network markets. Launched in 2017 by ISFE, GSD provides sales figures across EMEA, expanding to APAC in late 2019. Sparkers are the operators of GSD on behalf of the video games industry.   For more information visit:

Newzoo Newzoo is a provider of games market data and insights. The data provided to IGEA is sourced from the Newzoo Global Games Market Report April 2022.  For more information visit:

Digital New Zealand (DNZ22) is a report commissioned by IGEA and can be downloaded here.


About IGEA

IGEA (Interactive Games & Entertainment Association) is the peak industry association representing the voice of Australian and New Zealand companies in the computer and video games industry.  IGEA supports the business and public policy interests of the games industry, through advocacy, research and education programs. For more information, please visit



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