As Australia’s peak industry association for video games, we pride ourselves on being the voice of the collective game industry. Our mission is to create a world-leading environment that allows for the sustainable growth of all businesses in the interactive games and entertainment industry.

By becoming a member of IGEA you will join a range of other Australian game businesses, ranging from large developers, small indies, publishers, distributors, and platform holders.

Why Join IGEA?

IGEA works for you by offering a range of services in several key areas of focus:

Advocacy & Lobbying

We advocate for the industry through lobbying the Commonwealth and State governments on a range of issues, including, but not limited to developer funding (Federal & State), classification/censorship, loot boxes and microtransactions, copyright, and migration.


We conduct a series of research projects to support our lobbying efforts, including

  • Digital Australia – a long-running research project on who Australian gamers are and why they play
  • Developer Survey – which measures the size and contribution of the local game development industry
  • Size of the retail market – which measures consumer spending on games in Australia

Game Developer Support

IGEA offers a range of resources specifically for members working in game development.

This includes:

  • A contract starter kit
  • Discounted GCAP tickets
  • Discounts for legal and accounting consultations with IGEA’s partners
  • Webinars & workshops
  • Government collaborations on investment and overseas market entry
  • Access to shared working spaces
  • Participation in Industry working groups

Types of Membership

IGEA is a not-for-profit member organisation with all fees used to support IGEA and our lobbying and advocacy work.

IGEA offers three types of memberships:

  • Full membership includes platform holders, publishers, developers and/or distributors with at least $1M in annual turn-over.
  • General Membership is for platform holders, publishers, developers and/or distributors who do not meet the requirements to become a Full Member, with fees starting from as low as $500pa
  • Associate Membership is available for everyone else who wants to be a member and is a catch-all for partners and associated services


You can read more about the Benefits of Membership and Our Vision

Joining is easy, just contact if you are interested in becoming part of the IGEA family.

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