Aspiring Game Developers

Are you looking to enter the games industry but don’t know where to start?

We have collated our best resources for you below:

Help! I want to Work In Video Games!

Are you interested in joining the video game industry but don’t know what the jobs are, what you’d need to study, or where various skills fit in? We are here to help. Made in collaboration with industry, IGEA has built you a handy guide of different jobs within the games industry.

This resources contains a generalised overview as well as an in depth study of each role, so you can find what you’re passionate about and learn more. They also come in a printer friendly version, so if you’re a careers advisor looking to provide your students with options, you’re able to print directly.

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Help! I want to Study Video Games!

Looking into the tertiary pathway into video games? There are a lot of different universities, TAFEs and private colleges, offering everything from Degrees to Majors, some with Postgraduate options, and some with Double Degrees. We’ve made it simple for you and collated all major institutes offering a full game or game-major diploma/degree. This resources helps give a quick overview to help you find what you’re looking for, fast.

Research has been gathered for Australian Students only. International student pathways may differ.

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IGEA Skills Matrix – A Guide on How to Enter the Industry

Wondering what skills a junior needs to get into the industry? IGEA interviewed studios of all sizes across Australia to snapshot what the industry is looking for in terms of junior talent.

What skills do they need to have and where and how should they promote these skills?

Please note, this matrix does not claim to be comprehensive. While all the information has been directly supplied by the studios, it represents a snapshot in time. Not every role in the video games industry has been accommodated and some of the roles listed are likely to change over time, in particular in such a fast-moving sector as the games industry.

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Career Pathways: Getting into Games


A panel discussion that explores the many pathways there are to a successful career in the Australian Games Industry from a variety of game developers. We dive into our panellist’s journey into the games industry, discussing all the best practices and life lessons learned along the way as well as what pitfalls to avoid in order to ensure a fruitful career in games. This panel was hosted at the The Victorian Pride Centre on September 1st 2023. This event was designed for the 2023 SMART Program as part of the City of Port Phillip Games Action Plan.

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 IGEA Jobs Portal

In 2021 IGEA teamed up with, the game industry’s #1 job board to offer a jobs portal directly on our website!

Games Jobs Direct prides itself on delivering outstanding results for both hiring studios and candidates, having helped over 600 companies globally hire the best talent. On our website you can simply search key terms for the jobs you’re looking for, and see what is on offer.

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 Aspiring Game Developer Resources


Ever looked for some resources on starting off in the industry, only to be utterly overwhelmed within minutes about the amount of content out there? Not to worry, IGEA has you covered with a curated playlist for aspiring game developers. Featuring talks, webinars, conference keynotes and workshops, this comprehensive playlist will help you find the information you’re looking for about starting off in this industry.

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