Parental Controls and Classification

Parental controls and family settings

Parental controls, or family settings, are important tools that assist parents and carers in managing their children’s healthy video game use, even when adults aren’t around to supervise. These essential tools are available for all current consoles, handhelds, smartphones, and computers. They can be activated to restrict games by classification ratings, limit spending, restrict communication, and even manage the amount of time spent on various devices.

The best tip though is to grab the controller or device and play the game with your child, as that is the easiest way to get a feel for what and how they are playing.

Follow these links to learn about the settings you can activate on each device.

  • Playstation Devices
  • Microsoft Xbox & Windows 10 Devices
  • Nintendo Devices
  • Apple IOS Devices
  • Google Play
  • Epic Games


Further, our ESRB friends have produced a fantastic summary of how parents can activate family tools based upon a particular area of concern, including classification ratings, spending limits, time management, and restricting communication.  While the ESRB summary is a US-based information service, only the age ratings will be slightly different and your system should default to the local age ratings for Australia or NZ.


The Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit

Open discussions, building mutual trust, and supervision are all crucial aspects of keeping children safe online. The Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit gives parents and caregivers the resources to facilitate safe, accessible gaming for children of all ages.


  • Australia

  • New Zealand



In Australia and New Zealand, it is a legal requirement that games display a classification marking or age rating to provide information and guidance to consumers about the age suitability of a game, which is particularly important for parents and caregivers.  There is a diverse range of games available for a wide range of players. The classification ratings help guide the decision as to a game’s suitability for the particular player.

For information on Classification in Australia, including ratings for games, please visit

For information on Classification in New Zealand, including ratings for games, please visit


Additional Resources

Numerous resources are available to people requiring more information about online safety and games.  IGEA recommends the information provided by:

The eSafety Office in Australia

Netsafe in New Zealand

Taming Gaming for specific, independent and detailed information on popular video games so parents and caregivers can build a deeper understanding of the games their children are playing, or would like to play.

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