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Globally, playing video games is a prevalent form of entertainment and Australians and New Zealanders are no different – they love to engage with the medium.  According to IGEA’s Digital Australia and New Zealand data, 66% of Australians and 73% of New Zealanders regularly play video games. People play video games to have fun, be entertained, stay connected to family and friends, relieve stress, and even enjoy some friendly competition.

Beyond entertainment, games have the power to be used extensively in education, the workplace and even for physical and mental health benefits. IGEA has produced many video case studies to highlight the use of games throughout society, and recommend that you take a look at the following examples:

Games in healthcare

Games in education

Games in the workplace

Video games are a dynamic art form at the cutting edge of technology and entertainment Making video games is a highly-skilled, creative, and valuable industry.  Australia and New Zealand are home to many talented and globally celebrated game developers, studios and platforms. These industries will expand and create revenue and employment for Australia and New Zealand with the right support levers.

To watch a video compilation highlighting recent Australian made games, please look here.

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