New Zealand Plays 2023


New Zealand Plays is the latest in the Digital New Zealand research series spanning 14 years.  Prepared in collaboration with Bond University, New Zealand Plays explores the demographics and behaviours of video game players in NZ and their attitudes towards games.

This piece of research again highlights that playing video games is very much a mainstream form of entertainment and the NZ population play for a variety of reasons including to have fun, to connect, to create and to educate.

The player base is diverse and dispersed across all demographics.  Further to that, the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders play games, and the majority of households own and use a variety of devices to play games.


To learn more:

Download the complete New Zealand Plays 2023 report here

Download the New Zealand Plays 2023 Key Findings Report here

Download the infographic for New Zealand Plays 2023 here

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