opinion piece – ‘Demonising Gaming Won’t Help Addicts’


Nina Funnell, as featured on has written a great opinion piece about gamers and the fact they come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  In the case where someone may develop an additiction, the traditional gaming stereotypes are not going to help them.

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The blind gaming the blind


Largely invisible to the mainstream, sightless gamers help each other tackle titles like Rock Band and Left 4 Dead, while others focus on games made for–and by–the blind.

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Game Over! Knowing When to Stop


Tips for parents who may be concerned about the amount of time their children spend playing video games:

Game Addiction – The Real Story


What is video game addiction? What are its boundaries, its symptoms, its treatments? How wide is its scope? And is it even a medically recognised condition in the first place?

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