The latest newsletter from the ESA shows new research highlights positive affects of Video Game Play


August 2010 – the latest newsletter from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) in the US provides a brief outline of some recent studies which were unddertaken by Dr Christopher Ferguson of Texas A&M Universtiy which called into question research findings that perpetuate some of the misconceptions about computer and video games.

In June, the Review of General Psychology published Dr. Ferguson’s study titled “Blazing Angels or Resident Evil? Can Violent Video Games be a Force for Good?” Ferguson conducted an in-depth analysis of existing research on the impact of violent video game play on aggressive behavior. He found that many of these studies were marred by inconsistent findings or weak methodology and had not been sufficiently scrutinized by the broader scientific community. He also noted that the violent crime rate has dropped dramatically at the same time that video games have gained in popularity, suggesting that “the violent video game issue is a crusade in search of a crisis.”

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The ESA’s Essential Gaming Facts


The ESA have just released their annual report titled Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry Report. The 2010 survey confirmed that computer and video game play remains widespread, and that game play is an increasingly social activity. Sixty seven percent of American households play computer and video games, and 62 percent of gamers say they play with other gamers in person at least one hour per week. Family play has also grown in popularity, with nearly half of all parents (48 percent) reporting they play with their children at least once per week.

The report not only underscores the increasing popularity and broad appeal of computer and video games, but also provides a window to the industry’s future. ESA’s 2010 data suggests the interactive entertainment software industry is well positioned to enjoy a continued period of growth and expansion, and remain a dominant player in the American economy.

Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA) FY09 Report


The ESA is an industry association dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies that publish computer and video games.

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