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iGEA respects the privacy of visitors to this site and is committed to observing the Information Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act.

iGEA does not collect personal identification information from web site visitors. We passively collect some demographic information such as domain name and country of visitor. We also collect information as to commonly viewed pages and the browser with which the visitor is affiliated.

Our web service provider collects this information from our web site visitors and distributes the information to us for internal use. We use the collected information, in monthly and yearly reports, only to understand where visitors are from and what pages of our site they visit and what browser they use.

Please note that the iGEA privacy policy does not apply to sites linked to this web site.

If you choose to contact the iGEA by any means with personal information, we will keep the correspondence and any details that it may contain in order to respond to your request.

iGEA maintains personal information so that it can provide you with information related to the activities, events or projects which you have expressed interest in.
Should you wish to know what details we hold about you or should you believe that your personal contact details are inaccurate, need updating, or if you would like to be removed from the database, please contact us so that action can be taken.

iGEA database is kept electronically. Information stored on our computer network is protected against misuse and unauthorised access by the system design, security access policies and procedures. If you have an inquiry about your privacy rights in relation to iGEA, please contact us.

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We reserve the right not to publish any comment and may suspend discussions at any time.

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