Australian Games Industry Statistics



​Who plays games in Australia? How old are they? How do they integrate games into their lives? The answers to these questions – and more – can be found in our Digital Australia report. Access the latest version here.

Some of the highlights include:

  • 91 per cent of Australian households own a video game device
  • The average of a video game player in Australia is 34 years old
  • Nearly half of those playing video game players are female
  • Older Australians also love to play, with 42 per cent of those aged 65 and over identifying as gamers

Australians love for video games is also reflected in the annual sales data. In 2018 Australians spent more than $AU4 billion on games and associated hardware. This means Australians spend more on games than they spend on films, streaming services, pay TV, music, books or likely any other creative or entertainment activity. A detailed report can be accessed here.


Game Development

Australian-made games are enjoyed all over the world, some of the world’s biggest hits were made right here on our home soil. The Australian video game development industry continues to grow in size, drawing the majority of its revenues from exports while creating significant opportunities for skilled jobs locally. A detailed report on the number of people employed in the industry, the revenue generated and other key indicators can be found here.

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