IGEA presents: Meet the Platform – Google Play


Looking to successfully navigate the ever-changing mobile gaming landscape? Watch our webinar with Google Play and equip yourself with valuable knowledge and tools designed to enhance your mobile game’s performance on the platform.

What you’ll learn:

  • Mobile gaming trends: Understand the current state of the mobile gaming market to refine your development strategy.
  • What’s new on Google Play: Learn about new features and resources available on Google Play to support your game.
  • Policy compliance: Stay informed about important policy changes for a smooth experience on the platform.
  • Launch best practices: Discover practical tips for ensuring a successful launch for your game.


Why watch:

This webinar offers practical Google Play insights and guidance for mobile game developers of all levels. Discover actionable knowledge, stay updated on platform developments, and receive expert guidance to help your game stand out.

Watch the Webinar here:


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