Join us at the Global Play Showcase at GDC 2024 – And Represent Australia


The Global Play Showcase is a reception hosted by 10 video game associations from five continents at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

It will take place on 19 March from 6 pm to 9 pm at BuzzWorks. (The same venue as the Australian reception.)

The Global Play Showcase is more than just a reception – it’s a competition. Each country/region will exhibit one unreleased video game that showcases their creativity, innovation, and talent. You will get to play these games, chat with the developers, and vote for your favourite one. The game with the most votes will win the Global Play Showcase Award.

But that’s not all. To finally answer the question of which part of the world has the best treats, you will also get to vote for your favourite snack. Each participant will bring along snacks from their respective regions, so you can enjoy a variety of flavours and textures while you play.

The following associations will be taking part in the Global Play Showcase:

  • IGEA (Australia)
  • Abragames (Brazil)
  • Neogames (Finland)
  • FLEGA (Flanders)
  • WALGA (Wallonia)
  • Lithuanian Game Developers Association
  • Game Developers Association of the Philippines
  • Dataspelsbranschen (Sweden)
  • Pro Helvetia (Switzerland)
  • Gamers Association Ghana

The Global Play Showcase is generously sponsored by:

  • PlaySide Studios, Australia’s largest publicly listed video game developer, and
  • Toast Interactive, makers of VR smash hit Richie’s Plank Experience and upcoming title Max Mustard.

We Need You to Represent Australia!

Australia is already winning hearts at Eurovision and now it’s up to you to do the same!

If you are interested in holding up Australia’s reputation as a place with a passionate and talented local industry, please fill out this form.

(If you have registered for the Australian Reception and want to apply for this, there is the option to just tick a box, so you don’t have to give us the same information twice.)

Besides developers and association members from the other participating countries, all other invited guests are publishers, investors, and first parties.


When is the Deadline?
Please fill out the form by 16 February; we aim to arrive at a decision shortly after.

Does my Game Have to Be Unreleased?
Yes, this is to ensure that we’re gaining traction with the target audience. We want to expose them to the hidden gems.

A game available on Steam in pre-release is released if it can be ordered and paid for – even if it is in beta. A game that has already been released in a different format is classified as released.

How Many Games Can Australia Enter?
It’s one game per country. The venue we’re running this at does not offer more monitors, hence why we’re limited.

Can I Come as a Guest?
Sorry, apart from the participating studios and country delegations, this event is only for publishers, investors, press, and other stakeholders. We need to be mindful of the venue’s capacity. We’d love to have you at the Australian reception, though!

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