IGEA Celebrates at the 2024 Australian GDC Reception


 Join us for networking at BuzzWorks in San Francisco from 6 pm – 9 pm on 18 March and celebrate Australian creativity.  It’s a chance to showcase Australian-made games and teams plus create invaluable networks across publishing, investment, and platforms.

The Australian reception is generously supported by:

  • Screen Queensland
  • Toast Interactive

If you would like to attend the reception, please register via this form by March 4: 

Registration for the 2024 Australian GDC Reception.

We’d also encourage you to join our Australians at GDC Discord server, you can find the link in the registration form.

This reception is open to all Australian game-related businesses. Feel free to bring an industry guest too!

(Please still out the form as space is limited. If there’s space on the night, you’re welcome to come in, see also FAQs below.)

Exhibit Your Game!

In addition, 11 studios will get an opportunity to show their games! We will get access to BuzzWork’s monitors, all you need to do is bring your laptop/console.

We will invite publishers, investors, and first parties and employ a drink token system: Once our guests have played a game, they are awarded a token that entitles them to a free drink. That way we ensure that the focus is not just on sociability but on your games!

If you would like to show your game, please fill out this brief form:

Exhibit Your Game at the 2024 Australian GDC Reception. (Please note that the deadline for submitting an application to show your game has passed, and that we have arrived at a list of finalists.)

Showing your game comes at no extra cost to you thanks to our sponsors.

As an IGEA event, the reception is subject to IGEA’s Code of Conduct.


When and Where Is the Reception Taking Place?

BuzzWorks, San Francisco, 18 March, 6 pm – 9 pm. It’s a sports bar that is a 6–7-minute drive away from the Moscone Centre.

Does It Cost Anything to Attend the Reception?

No, this is a free event for all Australian developers and service providers.

Can I Bring Along a Guest?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring a guest along as long as they work in the games industry.

Please note: We are aiming to strike the right balance between Australian studios and international guests and numbers are limited. If there is space to accommodate you on the night, we’re happy to do so but cannot guarantee access.

What Kind of Monitor Do I Get Access to at the Reception?

All of BuzzWork’s monitors have HDMI and USB ports. All you will need to do is supply your own computer/console.

Please also note that these monitors will not include any branding. Any collateral will need to be supplied by you.

How Many Drink Tokens Will I Get?

We will hand every exhibiting studio US $150 worth of drink tokens. These will buy all the basic drinks. Cheers!

I am Interested in Sponsoring the Event

Please reach out to jens@igea.net

IGEA Proudly Owns and Runs

IGEA Policies

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