DGTO Webinar: Check-In


We are checking in on the DGTO with the Office for the Arts! 

The DGTO has been live for a couple of months now. We are checking in with the Office for the Arts in a webinar on the 22nd of November to see how things are going: What are things to avoid? What are some common mistakes they have seen now that the first applications have gone in? 

In addition, you will get another opportunity to ask any DGTO-related questions. 

If you have any in-depth questions, you’d like to ask the team, please enter them here: In-depth questions for DGTO webinar. 

This is for more complex issues the Office may have to research before the webinar. 

Similar to the first webinar in August, you will also get a chance to ask questions live. 

This webinar is aimed at the whole industry, from seasoned veterans to aspirational newcomers. 

 You can register for the webinar here. 

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