Help IGEA highlight who plays games and why


IGEA is launching our major consumer research reports shortly which reveal detailed information about who exactly plays video games in Australia and New Zealand.  The research reports will be called Australia Plays and New Zealand Plays.

These reports are the latest iteration in the Digital Australia and Digital New Zealand series spanning 18 years. They cover the demographics and behaviours of video game players in Australia and New Zealand and their attitudes towards games.

We also have another ‘secret’ project we are working on with details to be launched in October.

The data has been collected and the reports are being written now. In preparation for our launch events, we are inviting players to share their stories via short recordings about what playing video games mean to them.

The details are as follows:


WHAT – We are asking players to answer questions in video format that we can use at our launch events and for general PR for each report.

WHY – These video case studies allow us to bring the research to life and share stories about players across Australia and New Zealand.

WHEN – We need your videos asap.  The deadline is Tuesday 25 July.  Submission details are below.

HOW – Record yourself answering the following questions.  You can answer 1, you can answer 2 – or better still, you can answer all of them.  Just remember we need separate videos for each question.


The questions are:

  1. People play games for many reasons such as entertainment, to connect with people and/or to relax. Why do you play?
  2. Video games allow us to build, create, socialise, experience stories, collaborate and so much more. What kind of activities do you like doing within games?
  3. What does playing video games mean to you?
  4. Complete this sentence – Playing video games helps me…
  5. Playing games can help people manage their mental health. Does playing games help you with your mental health? How?
  6. Can you recall a specific time that video games helped you with your mental health?


Filming Guideline recommendations

  • Film in landscape aspect ratio
  • Film in a quiet, well-lit location
  • Introduce yourself with your name, age, and state or territory
  • Allow 5-10 seconds before your intro for editing purposes
  • Aim for answers to be under 30 seconds each
  • Please do not use filters
  • Each question requires a separate video to be submitted
  • Begin each answer with the question. For example:

Question: Why do you play games?

Answer: I play games because…


To submit your video, please complete the details on this form.

We will advise you if your video has been selected for the events or if we need further details.

Thanks so much for your help and any questions can be emailed to

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