Microsoft Releases Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit


In partnership with IGEA, the eSafety Commissioner (eSafety), Department of Home Affairs, Office for Classification of Film and Literature,  Netsafe, and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, Microsoft today has released their Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit.

The Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit provides carers with an overview of common safety risks as well as practical advice for responding and enhancing safety in the digital world.

Microsoft, and by extension Xbox, takes a holistic approach to safety on their services. This centres on the idea that safety requires engagement from everyone including platforms and players. When children are gaming, there is also a critical need for parents and caregivers to be involved in their gaming experience.

“IGEA is pleased to have supported the development of the Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit. This comprehensive resource will provide parents and caregivers of gamers to better understand the digital ecosystem and the steps they can take to keep their children safe when playing games online. Whilst this resource focuses on Xbox, it is a useful toolkit that can be used to understand common concerns across any platform.” Ron Curry, CEO IGEA

Last year in the first ever Xbox Transparency Report, Microsoft outlined the behind the scenes actions they take to protect players and moderate content. The new toolkit complements this by providing clear guidance for parents and caregivers on steps they can take to better understand the gaming ecosystem, common safety risks, and the tools and controls available on Xbox.

Open discussions, building mutual trust, and supervision are all crucial aspects of keeping children safe online. The Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit gives parents and caregivers the resources to facilitate safe, accessible gaming for children of all ages.

You can access the Australian kit here, and the New Zealand one here.

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