WorkSafe Victoria and Business Victoria’s WorkWell toolkit


WorkSafe Victoria and Business Victoria have partnered to launch the new WorkWell toolkit. With options for small, medium and large businesses, you can tailor this toolkit to your company needs.

The WorkWell toolkit is filled with practical resources about what business leaders can do to improve mental health of their workplace.

Mental health and psychological safety is an issue that has only grown in importance over the past few years, between sickness, hybrid workplaces and work from home environments. The WorkWell toolkit has been designed with this in mind, to assist businesses with all the various facets of mental health a business their size may face.

While Victoria specific, this toolkit can be broadly applied across a number of states. We’re very excited to share this resource with you for the moment, but plan to investigate any further toolkits or resources that are state specific to all of Australia in the future.

Please check out the toolkit here.


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