IGEA’s Blockchain Webinar: Cutting Through the Noise


The terms “blockchain” and “NFTs” evoke a range of emotions. Some see it as revolutionising video games and the notion of digital ownership, whereas others regard it as a passing fad that contributes to global warming. We want to cut through the noise and allow you to form your own opinion. Join Chris Clay, VP & Game Director for Immutable’s God’s Unchained and James Lockrey, Managing Director at Chaos Theory, for a conversation on how the industry is transformed by blockchain technology, but also where it may fall short of expectations and what things need to change to make it thrive. Chris Clay is the VP and Game Director for the collectable card game Gods Unchained, made by Sydney based Immutable Games Studio. He is best known for his role as Game Director for Magic the Gathering: Arena, and has an extensive background in game design, art, and people management. Chris is passionate about games of all genres and joined Immutable to ensure that blockchain technology is set up as a sustainable force for good in the world.James Lockrey is the Managing Director at Chaos Theory Games, one of Australia’s leading serious and transformational game development studios. James is passionate about building games that can impact players’ lives, and Chaos Theory have created games to help sufferers of chronic illness, bring excitement to the Australian teaching curriculum, and help non-profits train their staff in how to be more effective. James and Chaos Theory are not currently developing any projects using blockchain-technology.When: 3rd of June, 12 pm (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne time), 11:30 am (Adelaide time), 10 am (Perth time)Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87842306461

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