IGEA Skills Matrix – A Guide on How to Enter the Industry


The IGEA Skills Matrix aims to provide games industry intelligence and advice on skills needs in Australian studios of various sizes, from indie to AAA. Its aim is to highlight what is expected of junior talent wanting to enter the industry: What skills do they need to have and where and how should they promote these skills?

As such, its intended primary audiences are educators and students.

Educators need to be aware of industry expectations to ensure the currency of curricula and prepare students for their future roles. This matrix’ purpose is to support the development, implementation and continuous improvement of high-quality courses.

Students will benefit from the guidance it provides, it will help them to make informed choices in terms of choosing their career, tools, and platforms.

Please note, this matrix does not claim to be comprehensive. While all the information has been directly supplied by the studios, it represents a snapshot in time. Not every role in the video games industry has been accommodated and some of the roles listed are likely to change over time, in particular in such a fast-moving sector as the games industry. This matrix is best read in conjunction with other resources such as the IGEA ‘Help! I Want to Work in Video Games’ sheets to paint a comprehensive picture of the industry.

Access the matrix here: IGEA Skills Matrix 2022

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