Updated Resource on Government Funding Sources


IGEA has updated its resource on government funding sources once again.

This updated table seeks to compile key business and investment support programs that may be accessed by game businesses in Australia, with separate tables for the programs available federally, and within each state.

The table includes programs that are specifically designed for, or particularly relevant to, games businesses such as game development and marketing funds. It also includes key business support programs as part of the government’s effort to combat the economic fallout of COVID-19 as well as general tax, funding, research and advisory programs for businesses and start-ups.

As such, it may be helpful to both small and established studios, as well as international publishers seeking to explore a local presence.

The applicability and eligibility of members will vary across the programs listed. Please check carefully before you apply; in doubt, reach out to the government organisation in question or contact us.

Programs omitted from the list include some remote area funds, funds unlikely to be used by members as well as funds requiring application by consortiums.

Please note that some programs listed may be temporary or lapsing, in hiatus or not currently open for applications. This table is a work in progress, so please report any missing programs that need to be included or out-of-date information to Jens at jens@igea.net.

Access the document here: IGEA Overview of Government Funding September 2021.

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