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Navigating the sea of managing people and culture (or as some say, human resources) can be a perilous journey; uncertainty around roles, awards, obligations, and processes can cause confusion and unwittingly send you to the pacific garbage patch of non-compliance with Australian law.

We want to make sure the industry continues to grow in a professional and compliant manner. To that end, we have created a document that will assist you on your voyage. It walks you through the process of hiring talent, your responsibilities towards your staff, from super to leave, managing employees and, if all else fails, the process of letting talent go. However, it is not just aimed at employers; as an employee and contractor, it will give you an overview of your rights and entitlements under Australian employment law; it also highlights specific industry cases that often transpire at the expense of staff or sole traders.

You can access the document here: IGEA HR Resource 2021.

You can watch a recording of the webinar on this resource here:

Please note: IGEA does not guarantee, and accept any legal liability, for the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any of the materials provided. While these materials have been obtained via reputable sources and reviewed by IGEA member Cam Rogers, every business is different, and we recommend you seek appropriate independent professional advice to make sure they suit your specific needs.

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