Jason Della Rocca Mentorship Selection Process


Welcome to the application page for Digital Gaming Mentorship with Jason Della Rocca, delivered in partnership between IGEA, Screen Queensland, Film Victoria, Creative Victoria, the South Australian Film Corporation, and the WA Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Please read the information below to assist you in completing your application online.


To be eligible for mentorship:

  1. You must be a key stakeholder in your company, i.e., a founder, leadership team member, creative director, or marketing manager. Mentorship sessions can be attended by more than one key stakeholder.
  2. You must have a commercially focused digital gaming product.
  3. You must have a playable demo/build or live release and a pitch deck.
  4. If you are based in Victoria or Queensland, preference will be given to studios led by personnel from traditionally under-represented cohorts (where applicable, see below)
  5. You are ready to scale into international markets.
  6. You must be available to participate in each seminar and the mentorship sessions.
  7. You must be an Australian company, registered in an applicable state supporting the initiative.
    a) Please ensure you meet the definition of “company” of the state in which your company is based, e.g., for the purpose of this program, Victoria defines a “company” as follows “A company or organisation based in and operating out of Victoria for at least 6 months prior to the funding application. Newly registered companies may still qualify, where at least one of the company principals and/or parent entity have been based in and operating out of Victoria for at least 6 months prior to the funding application.”)
  8. You must meet the basic eligibility criteria for services:
    • Are a registered business with an active ABN
    • Conduct activities that deliver a net economic benefit to Australia, including the ownership of IP
    • And are an ethical business that will not bring the reputation of Australia into disrepute


For queries about the guidelines, deadlines, or questions, please contact jens@igea.net

If you have submitted an application but would like to update it, you will have to complete a new form. Please let us know via jens@igea.net which version you would like us to assess, and keep any info saved in a separate document in case you need to copy and paste.


 There are limited places, awarded competitively.

Ten mentorship places are available for studios from Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia thanks to the generous support of their state governments and screen agencies:

  • Queensland – 2 places, one of which is reserved for studios lead by personnel from traditionally under-represented cohorts
  • Victoria – 4 places, 2 of which are reserved for studios lead by personnel from traditionally under-represented cohorts
  • South Australia – 2 places
  • Western Australia – 2 places

Your application will be assessed by a jury comprised of Jason Della Rocca and representatives from IGEA. We reserve the right to run any outcomes past the agencies supporting this initiative for final approval.

The selection process will be merit-based: Finalists will be selected based on the likelihood of their game in achieving commercial success, along with the degree to which the mentorship and business development support will have an impact in this respect. For each studio interested in mentorship, it is a requirement to attend each seminar. Studios that have received mentorship by Jason last year are welcome to re-apply, however, preference will be given to those not previously mentored.

Jason will reserve the right to refuse introductions to his network if a studio is not yet ready. This decision is Jason’s only, it will not be influenced by input from IGEA or supporting agencies.

Please note that the application deadline is the 11th of July.

The application form can be accessed here: Application for Jason Della Rocca Mentorship

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