The IDEA Accessibility Pack


The IGEA Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Accessibility (IDEA) working group is delighted to present our IDEA Accessibility Pack.

Accessibility in game development can be a daunting task to start. While there are many articles, videos, and books available on the subject, it can be difficult to know where to begin, what kind of accessibility needs you’d like to take into account and what is the correct language while doing so.

The IDEA Accessibility Pack is a comprehensive list of pre-existing resources, gathered together in one easy to read, easy to access document.

It contains resources for designing games for people with disabilities, with specialised sections for visual disabilities, cognitive disabilities, mobility disabilities and auditory disabilities.

The guide is aimed at game developers, but contains information useful for PR, publishing and marketing as well.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to for any queries, concerns, or if you think there should be a resource there that has been missed.

Please note that none of the listed resources are endorsed or created by IGEA, these are simply a gathering of resources.

Access the pack here:

IDEA Accessibility Pack

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