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Accessing funding continues to be one of the biggest obstacles for game developers in Australia: Difficulties in attracting early-stage funding as well as funding for studio expansions are regularly quoted in our developer surveys as some of the main challenges facing the industry.

This continually growing resource aims to provide information to allow developers to:

  1. Describe the various types of funding available to them
  2. Identify and select types of funding suitable for your business
  3. Identify what makes a business valuable to an investor or publisher

What Types of Funding Are Available to Game Developers?

  • This table offers a comprehensive overview of the types of funding game developers can access:
    Funding Sources
  • This is a crowd-sourced list of active investors in the Australian startup ecosystem. It includes brief descriptions of the types of funding available – VCs, angels, accelerators, grants, venture debt, startups fundraising – and other resources such as newsletters and directories.
    Fundraising in Australia – An Open Source List

Understanding Types of Funding

  • These slides from Liam Esler’s 2020 GCAP talk offer great insights into the funding sources identified above: After all, not all money is equal, some money is more expensive than others, and some carries significant risk.
    The Right Funds, The Right Time
    The video of this talk can be accessed here:
    The Right Funds, The Right Time
  • For more information on what type of funding might be right for your business in a constantly shifting landscape, check out these slides from Liam Esler’s 2019 NZGDC talk. It also includes a range of questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on your funding venture.
    NZGDC 2019 Funding Talk
  • In this article, industry veteran Jason Della Rocca talks about the right investor at the right stage. He lists various types of funding and explains when to approach whom with what project:
    Game Studio Funding: The Right Investor at the Right Stage
    The talk the article is based on can be accessed here:
    Funding What When
  • Archie Stonehill from Makers Fund does a deep dive into venture capital (VC) in interactive entertainment in this 2020 GCAP talk. It addresses how VC funding works, which types of companies it typically works for, and what VCs look for in potential investments.
    VC in Interactive Entertainment
  • Check out the Corum Group’s free webinars. It covers a whole range of tech issues, from mergers and acquisitions to company valuations:
    Corum Group’s Webinars
  • StartUp is a documentary series about entrepreneurial life, a show about what it’s really like to start a business, including the nerves, the failed pitches – and wins.

How Do I Approach Investors?

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