Australian game developers, help us help you. Please complete our 2019-20 survey on the size of the Australian game industry


Advocacy and education programs require data that is consistent, current and timely.  In IGEA’s efforts to promote and protect Australia’s video game industry it is vital we provide our external stakeholders with updated annual information on the size, scope and economic impact of the development industry, along with opportunities and threats facing the industry right now. 

We are undertaking our 4th independent survey into the game development sector (link here) and respectfully request the contribution of Australian game developers.  By participating in the survey, you are assisting IGEA with our advocacy program which will hopefully lead to tangible benefits for the entire industry. 

To complete the survey, we need information from the 2019-20 financial year and we also need you to have an ABN (although we don’t need to see it).  You and/or your studio need to be directly involved in the development of games, whether that be creating your own IP, contracting your development services to other parties or publishing games for other developers. 

Individual responses to this survey will be strictly confidential and only ever reported externally and to IGEA in aggregated form. To ensure your confidentiality, IGEA has engaged Jude Varcoe from Premium Research to conduct the survey. Jude is based in Wellington, New Zealand and came strongly recommended to IGEA.  Premium Research is the only organisation that will have access to individual responses, which not even IGEA staff members will be able to see.  Premium Research is a member of the Research Association of New Zealand and abides by the Association’s code of conduct, which includes privacy: RANZ Code. 

As per the instructions on the survey, we ask that you enter all financial data in Australian Dollars and, if possible, provide information for the financial year 201920,  unless otherwise stated.   Please have your 2019-20 financial reports on hand, to help complete the survey. 

The survey should take around 25-30 mins to complete.  

If you have any questions or  concerns,  please contact:  

 Ron Curry (CEO, IGEA) – 0419 034 286 

Jude Varcoe (CEO, Premium Research)  –  + 64 21 418 978 

Thank you for your contribution and commitment to the ongoing success of the Australian game development industry. 


Ron Curry 

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