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With the merger of IGEA and GDAA completed, we are delighted to invite companies within the Australian video games industry to join us now and ensure that we represent and advocate for the entire industry across all relevant issues.

To ensure we continue our value offering, we have widened our membership categories so that any size studio, practitioner or adjacent games business can participate at a cost relative to their business size.


Who is IGEA? 

IGEA is the peak industry association representing and advocating for the video games industry in Australia and NZ.  IGEA supports the business and public policy interests of the games industry, through advocacy, research and education programs.  We work with many stakeholders including all levels of government, agencies, media and other trade associations.

IGEA manages The Arcade in Melbourne, Australia’s first not-for-profit, collaborative workspace created specifically for game developers and creative companies using game methodologies and technologies.

IGEA is also running GCAP, Australia’s premier game development conference featuring as part of MIGW (Melbourne International Games Week) during October.

Our VISION is that of a thriving and sustainable local industry along with recognition that video games are one of the most powerful entertainment mediums for enjoyment, connection, education, business, health and creativity.

Our MISSION is to create an environment that supports and drives sustainable growth for the interactive games and entertainment industry.


Benefits of joining IGEA 

IGEA is a member run organisation. The IGEA team works for its members and the wider games industry.  By joining IGEA you and/or your company are eligible to receive:

  • Representation of your specific interests in our lobbying and advocacy programs
  • Tailored policy and regulatory advice
  • Invitations to social and networking events
  • Ability to participate in industry working groups for various topics
  • Connections to the global industry via our overseas networks
  • Quarterly member meetings
  • Regular member newsletters
  • The ability to vote and participate in IGEA’s governance
  • Incorporation of your business into our outreach
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Discounts to GCAP and various third-party suppliers
  • Ability to utilise hot desk and meeting rooms in Sydney and Melbourne


What do our members say about us 

Blake Mizzi, Director and Co-Founder League of Geeks

“League of Geeks has been a long-time member of the former GDAA and now IGEA. We believe it’s really important to be an industry member for a number of reasons; The industry association is only as strong as its members and it’s an industry association that represents what we do, we don’t work in a bubble, if we’re serious about lifting our industry, we’re best empowered to do that together.  

Being an IGEA member is like attending an industry conference all year round, but in a slow burn format, it’s what you make of it, and you never know what interaction, email, news update or opportunity can pop-up that can change your business, but it won’t happen if you don’t show up.” 


Ben Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Blowfish Studios

“As Australia’s prominent video game industry association, it is very important to be a member to not only hear the latest news from industry peers and government agencies, but to also be able to have your own voice about the direction the industry is going in Australia. Over the last 12 months as a member of IGEA, Blowfish has been involved with organising important industry events, networking with other developers and publishers, and had the great opportunity to speak directly with people in government about how we can work together for the betterment of the industry.” 


Clara Reeves, CEO, Hipster Whale

“Since joining, Hipster Whale has been impressed by both the strategic direction and also the practical outcomes the team at IGEA is able to achieve. The active industry consultation and clear communication give us great insights and also give us an opportunity to contribute to improving our local ecosystem. I would encourage as many Developers as possible to join and take an active role in shaping the great future we have for games developers here in Australia and New Zealand. ” 


Nico King, Executive Creative Director, Chaos Theory

“The role IGEA plays in the future of the Australian video games industry is vital. Government organisationsand the wider public have often misjudged our industry, not being aware of the potential economic, cultural, and educational benefits that we can contribute. As the world becomes more digital and Australia looks for new clean export industries, game development is an obvious choice for anyone who’s in-the-know.

“We need IGEA to represent our interests, engage with government, and champion our cause to all of those who will listen. Australia is currently far behind where we should be in this area, and changing minds isn’t going to happen without the persistence of a dedicated team.

“Being part of IGEA has led to a number of great business development opportunities for Chaos Theory, and we think that our membership has been incredibly worthwhile.  10/10, will member again.”


Start the conversation 

IGEA will be holding a webinar on 15 July 2020 to let you know a little bit more about us and to let you meet the team.  More importantly, it is a great place for you to ask questions.

However, you don’t have to wait for the webinar.  Please send an email to or so we can start the membership discussion and provide you with all of the information required.

In the interim, have a look at our Membership flyer and we look forward to talking with you very soon.

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