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Recognising we all have a role to play in flattening the curve and stopping the spread of COVID-19, IGEA is talking to our many industry stakeholders about the entertainment they are consuming and how they are practising self-isolation and social distancing.  We know many of our connections love digital games and we love to seeing what they are playing, what they recommend playing and if they have any tips or resources to share with the community as they #PlayApartTogether during these unusual times

Recently we spoke with Jo Mitchell, the Co-Founder of The Mindroom in Melbourne for our #PlayApartTogether series:

What tasks are you undertaking to keep yourself occupied during these times of self-isolation, and physical and social distancing?

Other than work, I am walking. A lot. I recently moved to Hobart and live at the base of Kunyani / Mt Wellington, so I love taking every opportunity I can to get out in nature and walk the trails. I usually bump into more pademelons or wallabies than I do people.

I have a 1000 piece puzzle I am diligently working on. And I have started knitting – but have not progressed beyond making a scarf. We also started a weekly quiz night with family and friends joining from Hobart, Melbourne, Burleigh Heads, London and Auckland.

Why these particular activities?

I find they give me a great mix of mental and physical rejuvenation. They help me to keep moving my body and mind, while also staying connected with people and places that matter to me. I really enjoy my quieter, simpler, back to basics life.

What games are you playing?

I just completed a virtual escape room with my nephew, and friends from Melbourne and Sydney. That was a lot of fun – we made it out of the escape room, and saved the World, with 5 seconds to spare. My most regular game of choice is playing Beat Sabre on my Oculus Quest. 

Do you play games alone or with others? 

Both. That’s why I love Beat Sabre – I can compete against myself or play with others. I also love that I can hold my own at the game against my nieces and nephews. Though that may not last for much longer.


Jo recently conducted a webinar for us about maintaining mental health during COVID-19.  It was excellent and we encourage you to watch it here. 


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