IGEA Webinar: Maintaining Mental Health During COVID-19


It’s hard to escape the mental burden of COVID-19. In our survey on the impact of the virus on the Australian games industry, almost two-thirds of the respondents highlighted the need for resources to support mental health.

To provide help, we organised a webinar with Dr Jo Mitchell, Director of the Mind Room. Jo is a mental health practitioner of 25 years and has worked with a range of clients, including AFL Players, Movember, and QUT.

Jo explored how we can adjust to COVID-19, including some techniques for stress management, how to manage the blurring of personal and professional boundaries, the issue of productivity during a global crisis and how to maintain good mental health.

Watch a recording of the webinar below:

Jo’s slides can be accessed here.

Key Takeaway Messages

1. Complete the stress cycle – eat, rest and play
2. Build your own Mental Fitness plan
3. Try the 5-step Wellbeing Workout – Notice, Move, Learn, Connect and Give
4. DIY routines, rituals and boundaries between work and play
5. Practice self-compassion


The Mind Room Blog and Library has articles and guides to help you start your wellbeing plan, manage stress and live a meaningful and connected life: Themindroom.com.au

In particular, self-compassion resources:

Wellbeing while working from home

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