GCAP 2020 Update With a Slight Change of Path


Sydney, 4 May, 2020

Three weeks ago, the team here at IGEA were really excited to be announcing our theme for GCAP2020, Pathways to Success and began sharing some of our plans for this important event.  During that time, so much (and so little) has happened due to COVID-19, including our official merge with the GDAA, and we felt it was time for an update on GCAP 2020 plans.

With restrictions on international travel and public gatherings likely to stay in place, IGEA will have to come up with another path to deliver a satisfying conference. The Australian games industry has already let us know that regardless of where they are in the game development cycle, they need connections to their own community, connections to international businesses and connections to funds.  The theme we will move forward with now for 2020 is Pathways to Connect.

IGEA will evolve the GCAP 2020 program to ensure the health and safety of all involved and comply with all necessary restrictions. Along with our partners, we are working towards an event that will unite the community, whether that be offline or online, and provide some of the support needed during these unprecedented times.

The AGDA’s will go ahead, but again they may not look like the AGDA’s we’re all used to, but we feel it’s really important to celebrate the successes of the people and businesses within our community, no matter how it looks.

We’d like to provide you with an exact program of events for GCAP and the AGDA’s right now, but so much is likely to change and then change again before October. Rest assured that even though GCAP may look different, it is still our intention to provide as many connection points as possible, providing pathways to education and knowledge, pathways to connection, pathways to community and pathways to growth.

Keep an eye on our website as more information becomes available.  For further information please reach out to raelene@igea.net

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