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IGEA works with a vast array of stakeholders and industry professionals.  We’ve all seen the increased popularity, and again the power of games in keeping people connected in these unprecedented times.  As we navigate unchartered waters in dealing with a global pandemic, we’ve continued working with our games industry leaders and stakeholders on numerous issues.  Recognising we all have a role to play in flattening the curve and stopping the spread of COVID-19, IGEA will be talking to leaders and policy makers about the entertainment they are consuming and how they are practising self-isolation and social distancing.  We know many of them love digital games and we’d love to se what they are playing, what they recommend playing and if they have any tips or resources to share with the community.

We spoke with Screen Queensland CEO, Kylie Munnich about the activities her and her family are undertaking to #PlayApartTogether


What tasks are you undertaking to keep yourself (and/or your family) occupied during these times of self-isolation, and physical and social distancing?

We are digital natives in our family – so we’re enjoying a range of activities including gaming, TV streaming, podcasts, learning French from an app, meditation from an app, music streaming in amongst reading, watching too much news, and some daily exercise and fresh air. And we are certainly eating well – lots of great home-cooked meals, as well as supporting local cafes and restaurants that are still trading.

Why these particular activities?

We’re trying to have a balance in our lives, to keep us healthy and sane.

What games are your family playing?

Madden 20, Fortnite, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7, No Man’s Sky, Beat Sabre – these are all being played by my son and husband. And for me, a little old fashioned Tekken.

Do you play games alone or with others?

Some of these are solo pursuits, some on line, and some VR

 Are there any games you recommend?

Valorant, Hearthstone, Brawl Stars

 What resources do you recommend to assist parents and carers manage and monitor game play for their children?

Be interested, be aware, be alert. Ask questions and show some interest in what your kids are playing. You might learn something new and find you will love gaming as much as they do!




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