GCAP 2020 Update


With the ink all but dry on our recent merger with the GDAA, IGEA has cautiously been working on Games Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) 2020, pending a resolution on the current state of affairs around health, safety and public gatherings.

This year, GCAP enters its 15th year, headed by IGEA for the first time.  This highly renowned, internationally recognised conference is a professional development and networking event, run over 3 days as part of Melbourne International Games Week. GCAP 2020 is still scheduled to take place on 5-7 October 2020 in Melbourne

GCAP features talks, panels, and workshops from skilled game developers both local and international.  The highly curated content is tailored towards intermediate to advanced developers, with focus on upskilling, education, industry growth and connections. GCAP 2020 will also feature GCAP Loading, a curated track for people starting their journey forward in the industry.

The theme for GCAP 2020 is Pathways to Success.

The Australian games industry has achieved many things over the past decade, and weathered storms we never imagined we could overcome.  Our success in rebuilding after the last global financial crisis proved our resilience, and in the time since we have repeatedly proved our ability to succeed and grow through challenging situations.

There are numerous ways we can achieve and define success.  Some routes are marathons; long and enduring.  Others are sprints; short and intense.  We may follow the proven route, as many have before us, or choose to forge our own pathway instead, diverting into something entirely new.

Whichever path we tread, we hope to achieve satisfaction and reward, both personally and professionally.

The pathway IGEA wishes to follow for GCAP 2020 is to support and grow the Australian games industry and prepare the people and the businesses working in the space for that growth; ultimately providing the many pathways to success.

Please join IGEA on our GCAP 2020 journey as we share knowledge, share experience and share best practice, providing pathways for knowledge, pathways for education, pathways for connection, pathways for community and pathways for growth.

As we mentioned in our previous update, Liam Esler has joined us as our Director of Content.  To help inform us, we have surveyed the local games industry and the results are clear on the type of content the community wants to see and hear. Speaker submissions will be open soon.

Joel Van Daal of www.ingames.com.au is our Sponsorship Manager and is open now to discuss how you can become involved in supporting this important event for the local community.

Keep an eye on our website as more information becomes available.  For further information please reach out to









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