IGEA to offer a range of new services for members in 2020


2020 is off to a great start with IGEA offering a new program of services, which will be of a particular interest to our developer members. Jens Schroeder, who commenced work with IGEA in the last quarter of 2019, undertook a ‘listening tour’ to determine the type of services the Australian game development industry and our members required.

As a result, IGEA has secured the services of Mat Jessep from Game Legal Consulting to offer a complimentary initial legal consultation as well as ongoing discounts exclusive to IGEA members. Mat started Game Legal & Game Consulting to deliver focused legal advice and strategic consulting to the game, Esports, and pop culture sectors, as well as for business clients and start-ups. Mat also serves as a member of Australia’s Esports Game Association (EGAA) and is currently acting as its interim CEO.

IGEA members will also get access to a complimentary contract starter kit; the kit includes a range of pro-forma contracts and info sheets including, but not limited to, NDA, services agreement, independent contractor agreement, employment contract for F/T staff member, data collection policy, tools licence agreement, and a founder’s agreement. This starter pack will be very useful for new businesses at the start of their journey into the games industry and for more established developers looking to broaden their businesses.

Moreover, IGEA has also teamed up with LDB Accountants so our members can exclusively access a no charge initial consultation. LDB have a long association with Australian game developers, going back more than 20 years when they started working with a small group of university students who ended up founding Blue Tongue Entertainment. Today, LDB represents over forty studios across Australia ranging from small indie start-ups to established studios with over fifty staff. LDB will consult on such topics as the appropriate structure for your business, managing IP, necessary business registrations, available funding sources, and tax obligations.

Reacting to other suggestions heard on visits to both members and non-members, IGEA will run a series of webinars to address a range of business-related topics and ensure game developers are across the commercial realities of running a studio. These webinars will be open to the whole industry, irrespective of membership.

The first webinar will be broadcasted from Gameloft’s Brisbane studio on the January 21. Luke Henry and Amy Ellis from LDB will discuss GST reporting for revenue on sales across major platforms. The webinar will start at 5:30 pm (QLD time)/ 6:30 pm (NSW & VIC time)/6 pm (SA time)/3:30 pm (WA time). It can be accessed via https://zoom.us/j/686785128or twitch.com/igea_au

IGEA encourages everyone who is able to attend the presentation in person at Gameloft’s studio at 549 Queen Street to join us. It will be followed by an opportunity to meet the speakers and socialise with other game developers. Catering will be supplied by Screen Queensland.

Future webinars will cover such topics as expo briefings (e.g. GDC), R&D tax offsets, digital privacy laws, employment law, working with publishers, and IP protection.

Jens Schroeder, IGEA’s Industry Development Manager, says, “It is fantastic to see IGEA’s commitment to Australian game developers. We’ve listened and now we aim to deliver more services that meet tangible needs and offer real benefits. The contract starter kit alone will result in considerable savings for studios and make their lives much easier. Being able to contribute to the growth of the Australian industry is very exciting and IGEA is here to support the local industry to ensure it can reach its potential”.

IGEA is looking forward to further expansion of its membership base in 2020 and welcomes any inquiries on membership or policy concerns for the local industry.  Please reach out to us at jens@igea.net, raelene@igea.net or tweet us @igea.

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