Sydney, Australia – 7 March, 2019 – The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) has today announced that two Sydney-based developers, 3RD Sense and Reach Game Studios, have joined as new members of the association, bringing the number of members up to 35.

3RD Sense have been in business for 18 years.  They have created more than 400 games and developed mobile apps and digital products for some of the leading companies in Australia and the world.3RD Sense are designers of serious games and use game theory to approach software design and development which aims to keep people engaged and educated, as well as attempting to positively change their behaviour.

Recent projects include Bring Back The Beat – a music learning and appreciation app for Cochlear; Treasure Map– a geolocation treasure finding game with a digital pirate theme; 5 of 5 – a game for year 7 and 8 students designed to increase school attendance and Social SoupApp – a product launch community app that incorporates a rich gamification platform.

Reach Game Studios is a Sydney-based games developer and consulting agency experienced in working with independent and large commercial studios. Reach Games Studios are currently working on a number of projects including GLORY™, a science fiction action game. Reach Game Studios also has founded a division, PLIXEL, a digital agency, which offers game, app and website development as well as advisory services to increase customer awareness and retention of their clients’ brands. Between these two divisions Reach Games Studios and PLIXEL utilise extensive industry experience to encourage engagement and stimulate innovation in client work and their own creative projects.

According to Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA, “The work being completed by 3RD Sense and Reach Game Studios reminds us of the power of games; to change, connect, entertain, communicate and motivate.

“Playing games is an enjoyable and legitimate pastime for many Australians. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that businesses, agencies and brands are increasingly using games to engage, educate and connect with their audiences.  We know that some amazing work is being done in Australia in the serious and applied games space, and we look forward to working with 3RD Sense and Reach Game Studios to showcase this important work and inform policy makers and media about the power of games.”

Colin Caldwell, Managing Director of 3RDSense says, “We’ve been following IGEA for some time and have been impressed with the research and advocacy work they have been doing.  We consistently use their Digital Australia reports and look forward to working closely with the team to showcase the power of games and the positive impact they can have on society generally.”

Adding to this, Adrian Vergara, Managing Director of Reach Game Studios says, “After 8 years operating as an independent game developer in Australia we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by digital businesses. Working with IGEA gives us the opportunity to engage with and inform policy issues. It is important that the games industry speaks with clarity to all stakeholders and we look forward to being part of a united industry response.”

Australian developed games and IP have the potential to make a significant impact on the Australian economy and on Australia’s cultural footprint, if granted comparative concessions other screen sectors receive. This issue is explored in greater detail in a report, ‘Building a thriving interactive games development industry’, recently released by IGEA, which provides policy makers with reasons and strategies to support the sector.

IGEA is looking forward to further expansion of its membership base in 2019 and welcomes any inquiries on membership or policy concerns for the local industry.  Please reach out to us at ron@igea.net, raelene@igea.net or tweet us @igea.


About IGEA

IGEA is the industry association representing the business and public policy interests of Australian and New Zealand companies in the computer and video games industry. IGEA’s members develop, publish, market and/or distribute interactive games and entertainment content and related hardware including mobile and handheld games. For more information, please visit www.igea.net.


About 3RD Sense

3RD Sense have been in business for 18 years and have created more than 400 games, mobile apps and digital products for some of Australia’s and the world’s leading companies. 3RD Sense are game designers and use game theory to approach software design and development which aims to keep people engaged and educate and/or change behaviour. Please find more information at www.3rdsense.com


About Reach Game Studios

Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd.  is a game development studio based in Sydney, Australia. Launched in 2011, the studio’s talented team have worked on some of the industry’s biggest blockbusters. Currently, the studio is working on GLORY™, a science-fiction role playing game for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Please find more information at www.reachgamestudios.com



PLIXEL is a digital agency formed by Reach Game Studios. Leveraging their understanding of game development and digital industries, PLIXEL delivers results for clients of all shapes and sizes, allowing them to transform their business. Please find more information at www.plixel.com.au



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