IGEA statement on 60 Minutes Program about Games Addiction 2 Sept 2018


It was disappointing to see the way that the subject of video games and addiction was portrayed on TV just now. With 2.6 billion people playing games around the world, games are an incredibly popular choice of media and entertainment for people of all ages. Their contributions often extend beyond entertainment with well-researched and often-cited contributions to education, healthcare, and the arts with players purposefully using games to improve their lives.

With this said, there are also challenges with some young people and their playing patterns and parents deserve the best information about how to best manage this in their homes. Citing one side of a complex scientific argument about brain changes and health issues without taking into account context or individual circumstances is not helpful, even though it might make good television.

Interactive entertainment will continue to evolve, and as an industry we will continue to do our best to provide parents with information and tools. While frustrating and completely sensationalist, programs like this also serve as a timely reminder that tools exist for parents to help monitor game content and time spent playing them. We also encourage parents to talk to their kids about games, sit down and watch/play the game with them to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the activity. For some useful resources, try this very website



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