Australian Game Development Survey 2016-17. Developers – we need your help!


Last year, as you may remember, we undertook our first independent survey on behalf of the local industry, to gain an insight into the size and scope of the Australian game development sector.  The details were released in December 2016. The press release and infographic can be found at

We have used this data to support a number of submissions to government to inform, educate and lobby on behalf of the industry to gain the support and recognition it both deserves and needs.

As IGEA has evolved as an industry association, one of the key learnings we have discovered is that it is imperative to have access to current, meaningful, long term and consistent data when representing the industry at both a Federal and State level of government along with discussions with media.  The ability to show a creative, innovative, contributing and growing sector is extremely powerful. Further, it helps enforce that game developers contribute significantly to export dollars, employment and the digital economy more widely as well as showcase the vibrancy of the local industry across all of Australia.

Given the importance of this data to further the lobbying effort, we are asking you for your support by completing this survey for the 2016-17 financial year.  In order to complete the survey you must have an ABN (we don’t need to see it) and also be directly involved in the development of games whether that be developing your own IP, contracting your development services to other parties or publishing games for other developers.  You can find a link to the survey her:

Individual responses to this survey will be strictly confidential and any information provided will only ever be reported in an aggregated form. To ensure your confidentiality, IGEA has again employed an independent company, Tim Thorpe Consulting, to conduct the survey.  Tim also collects and analyses the data for the NZGDA, is based in Wellington and undertook the survey on our behalf last year.

Given the success of last year’s survey and subsequent report, IGEA has secured a further grant from IGDA International to undertake this year’s survey. The IGDA will only ever see the final report (not individual data) and all media coverage will be shared with them.

As per the instructions on the survey, we ask that you please enter all financial data in Australian Dollars and, if possible, please provide the information for your last financial year (2016 -17) unless otherwise stated.

The survey should take around 10-15 mins to complete. If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact us at

Thank you for your support of the local video games development industry.



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