Digital Australia 2018 (#DA18)


It’s official; video games are a mature medium used for entertainment and non-entertainment alike. Not only are games a global and diverse medium enjoyed by billions of the world’s citizens, they are the products of thousands of high-value and advanced businesses with their highly educated workforces. Games have their own academic and professional disciplines, they feature a huge range of topics, stories, designs and play experiences designed to entertain, inform, persuade, educate, test and train.

Since the “golden age” of video games, we have witnessed enormous progress for games as a multi-faceted medium, for players as a diverse audience and for policy as an informed part of social well-being. Consequently, computer games serve a new and useful purpose. While they continue to entertain, they now also address unmet needs in fields such as education, industry, health and successful ageing.

#DA18 is the seventh study in a series of national research in Australia and New Zealand that began in 2005 with a report called GamePlay Australia. In this new iteration, the research team is exploring four themes to better document the progress and purpose of games including function, intention, motivation and advantage.

You can download the complete #DA18 report here

You can download the #DA18 Key Findings and Infographic here

To watch a series of videos about #DA18, click here


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