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SYDNEY, Australia: September 9th 2015 – The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) has today responded to the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee’s (ECRC) Inquiry into the Future of Australia’s video game development industry. In its response IGEA has outlined seven recommendations that it believes will help the local development community harness global opportunities and overcome current challenges.

The Senate Inquiry sought submissions in June of this year with a closing date of September 18th 2015. The full report is due on April 1st 2016.

IGEA’s recommendations, in line with the Senate’s ECRC’s Terms of Reference, focus on encouraging the growth of the sector through production investment, self-sustaining funding, targeted support for export initiatives and the development and retention of game developer talent in Australia.

Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA said that the Australian games development community is an integral part of the entire games ecosystem and welcomed the opportunity to make a submission.

“The vibrancy of our entire sector starts with a healthy games development community. We are very pleased to be able to participate in a detailed examination of the industry, and hope that this process leads to better opportunities for locally-grown companies to flourish internationally.”

Since 2012, the video games development industry has suffered a serious decline in employment figures, to one third of its figures in 2007, and saw a reduction of total income from $116.9 million to $89.4 million.

IGEA’s seven key recommendations also include urging the Senate’s ECRC to consider extending the Producer offset to interactive games development, self-sustaining funding for interactive games’ projects and studios and supporting innovation clusters, including in regional areas, and look at how it can both develop games development skills locally and retain them in Australia.

“We also have a tremendous opportunity to address challenges in high youth unemployment, as well as fewer employment opportunities in regional areas. Investing in innovation clusters in regional areas could close the gap on both of these issues.”

“Nurturing games development skills is a key component of a successful industry, and this takes a whole of industry approach. We know that we have great talent emerging from universities and we want to provide them with the breadth of professional development and opportunities to keep them in Australia.”

You can access IGEA’s full submission here:

Access to all the submissions can be found here 

IGEA’s most recent research report, DA16, highlighted that with so many people now enjoying video games, many are starting to see games development as a viable career path.  This video reveals the story of 3 independent Developers working in Australia and shares their thoughts on the industry and what needs to happen to grow the industry locally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwoZ03AY7Hw



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