Preparing DNZ16


With the dust slowly settling on DA16,  we are working  closely with Jeff Brand from Bond University to put the finishing touches on our next research report (the fourth in the series), DNZ16, which will be launching in NZ the week commencing 7 September.

In NZ, we will also be sticking with our current theme, ‘Beyond the fun of games’.  DNZ16 will explore the notion that games are more than just fun and shows how New Zealanders use games at school, at work, for health and for positive ageing. DNZ16 will reveal new findings on player demographics, play habits and attitudes as well as new data on casual games and the average amount of time New Zealanders spend daily playing games.

We will also take examine the games development industry in NZ and the growth in digital exports and employment in this sector.

We have 2 launch events –  Wellington on Tuesday 8 September in the evening, and Auckland on Thursday 10 September in the morning as part of the NZGDA Developers conference.  Please contact us at if you would like us to forward an invitation.

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