IGEA Supports IARC Tool To Enable Developers to Classify Games


Sydney, March 10 2015: The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) welcomes the announcement by Minister Keenan today that Australia has joined the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) and will participate in the pilot of their online classification tool.

The IARC tool has been created as a global solution to make it as straightforward as possible for both Australian and international developers to assign local classifications that will enable them to inform parents, caregivers and other purchasers of the age appropriateness of their digital games in a way with which they are familiar.

“The IARC tool, which is a global industry lead classification solution, will help developers keep pace with classifications and ensure that games are classified appropriately for Australian gamers, with Australian classification symbols.” said Ron Curry, CEO IGEA.

In their submissions to The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC), IGEA’s recommendations included that a global solution be adopted to help classify mobile and online games. This decision helps ensure that parents are better informed when determining what their children play on their devices.

IARC will undergo a 12 month pilot, during which the Classification Board will audit a large number of classifications made by the IARC tool to ensure they reflect the Australian community’s expectations and standards.

IGEA looks forward to supporting this pilot, while also looking to the government to implement a more comprehensive wave of reforms consistent with the ALRC recommendations handed down in 2012.


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