IGEA’s PAX Panel – Games Industry Trends – beyond 2014


The team at IGEA are really looking forward to their Panel at this year’s PAX, called Games Industry Trends – beyond 2014.  We will be on in the Dropbear Theatre on Saturday 1 November at 4.30pm.

Professor Jeff Brand will present trends from the Digital Australia series and offer some insight as to what we can expect for DA16, which will be released in August 2015.  Jeff’s presentation is called ‘Games and players get serious’. Jeff promises to put forward some wild predictions (although probably not that wild) of what our market looks like as everyone plays, or beginning to play.  Jeff will discuss how we are nearing the end of the installation phase of media progress and touch on games for health and wellness, serious games, gamification, making games and games based learning.

Foad Fadaghi from Telsyte will discuss the burgeoning mobile games industry and impact it is having on traditional gaming. Foad will discuss the direct and indirect changes to the ways games are created, purchased and used in the post-pc era, but also what might be around the corner.  From wearable computers to cloud gaming, Foad will be drawing upon Telsyte’s Digital Consumer Study which has been measuring Australian consumer technology trends and intentions for almost a decade.

And of course, our CEO Ron will moderate the panel and be available to answer and ask any questions that may come up after the presentation.

We hope to see you there.

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