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Rohan Buettel



Rohan Buettel, Assistant Secretary Cyber Safety and Security, of the Australian Government’s Department of Communications, discusses protecting children online.







Warlords, warriors and dragons are not the only enemies young gamers need to shield themselves from when playing online. Online threats and scams are also emerging as new adversaries.

The benefits of the internet appear endless – but with smart phones and tablets part of our daily routine, it’s increasingly important for younger Australians to understand the risks of interacting online, particularly when ‘on the go’.

More children are now using online devices outside of the home for interactive activities such as gaming. Some gaming websites and apps can ask children to share personal information with the click of a button and, once posted, their details may be accessible to strangers.

Teachers, parents and carers need to be aware of these online threats, so that they can help educate children to have safe and positive experiences.

Stay Smart Online Week runs from Monday 2 to Friday 6 June 2014 and is a great time to share advice for protecting personal and financial details when browsing, socialising, transacting or gaming online.

Stay Smart Online Top Tips for teachers, parents and carers to share with children include:

  • talking about staying safe online
  • how to report or talk to someone if they feel uncomfortable or threatened online
  • ways to protect their reputation online
  • the importance of good behaviour online
  • not to share passwords with anyone.

Teachers, parents and carers can also help by using activities and teaching resources to help prepare children to go online and sitting with them to monitor their activities.

Resources are available through Stay Smart Online, with helpful information and advice for teachers, parents and carers to share with children. These resources can be used at home, or at school.

  1. The Stay Smart Online websiteis an Australian Government website which provides internet users with some simple steps they can take to protect their personal and financial information online.
  2. The Cybersafety Help Buttonis an online resource which provides easy online access to online safety information and assistance. The application offers counselling, reporting and educational resources associated with online risks.
  3. The Easy Guide to Socialising Onlineprovides tips for how parents and children can protect themselves when using social networking sites, online games and search engines.
  4. Budd:eis a fun and engaging education package with interactive learning activities for both primary and secondary students. Children can play games for points and build their very own personalised robot or cyborg, while learning important online safety and security behaviours.

For more tips and resources, ‘like’ Stay Smart Online on Facebook and subscribe to the free Stay Smart Online Alert Service to receive regular information about recent online threats and scams, and solutions to help manage any risks.

IGEA is a partner of the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online initiative. Stay Smart Online Week will be held 2 to 6 June 2014. This year’s theme – ‘On The Go’ – reflects the importance of staying safe and secure onlinewhile using mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, to stay connected for social networking, banking, shopping, and navigating the internet.

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