IGEA welcomes IGN as an Associate Member


IGEA welcomes IGN as an Associate Member

Earlier this year, the Board of Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) undertook a strategic review to evaluate what we’ve been doing as an association for the current membership, and more importantly, how we can evolve our services to cater to the rapid advancements occurring in the interactive games sector. Facilitated by Megan Brownlow of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the strategic review highlighted the need for IGEA to better connect with a broader range of industry stakeholders, from emerging local digital game developers to “suppliers” or Associate Members who add value to the business of our current members.

Today, we are delighted to announce and welcome IGEA’s first Associate Member: IGN, Australia’s largest gaming and entertainment news website[i].

“We welcome IGN to the IGEA family and look forward to working closely together to deliver additional value to Members and create further ways to promote the industry,” said Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA.  “IGN has established strong relationships with our Members, and is committed to bringing the latest gaming news and industry issues, such as classification, to consumers.  The team at IGN has also done a great job in bringing the local industry together with the likes of the IGN Black Beta Select Awards.”

Ron added, “As an industry body, we need to keep abreast of how interactive entertainment impacts social and regulatory changes, and more importantly, how we respond to these changes.  The decision to extend our membership to digital businesses and associate members ensures that IGEA better reflects the industry as it continues to evolve.  Our new focus will further take into account the fact that interactive entertainment is now accessed by consumers through a much wider range of entertainment devices, and the devices themselves offer greater entertainment options.”

James Whitehead, GM for IGN’s parent company Ziff Davis Australia said, “IGN is delighted to formalise our relationship with IGEA and continue to support the industry we love. With an unparalleled reach across gamers of all walks of life, combined with our relationships beyond entertainment, IGN is uniquely positioned to amplify the challenges affecting our industry, as well as its successes.”

“With our growing presence in Asia Pacific as part of an expanding global footprint, IGN will take the Australian industry voice to the next level. Equally we share a strong focus to continue the growth of gaming as a mainstream entertainment medium and we are excited by the prospect of working closer with IGEA and its members to make this a reality.”

IGEA is an independent industry association representing Australia and New Zealand companies in the computer and video game industry.  Its members publish, market and/or distribute interactive games and entertainment content.  IGEA is administered by a Board of Directors compromising senior executives from interactive games and entertainment companies.


[i] Nielsen, June 2013


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