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Today the ACMA launched the new Digital Citizen’s Guide to promote positive online engagement.  IGEA is proud to be a partner of the Guide.  You can find the guide here and press release below:


Being positive about digital engagement rather than being a wary internet user is the theme of the Digital Citizens Guide launched today by the ACMA.

The Guide facilitates confident online engagement by citizens through identifying three principles which reflect the required values, skills and knowledge:

>       Engage positively: exercise your rights and responsibilities as a digital citizen

>       Know your online world: learn new skills and digital technologies

>       Choose consciously: take charge of how you interact online.

‘Today’s networked society needs confident connected citizens,’ said ACMA Deputy Chairman Richard Bean. “As individuals we play an increasingly important role in the digital economy, and the ACMA’s Digital Citizens Guide will help all of us ‘engage positively’, ‘know our online world,’ and ‘choose consciously’ when online.”

The Guide is part of the ACMA’s multifaceted and flexible response to the challenges facing Australia’s increasingly networked society.  Australian citizens are citizens of a digital world, and the ACMA’s guide facilitates Australians’ confident online engagement through identifying three principles which reflect the values, skills and knowledge we need.

“As online communications and digital content become more embedded in the experience of citizens, I expect that a greater emphasis on the ACMA’s communication and facilitation strategies, such as this Guide, will be both needed and welcomed”, Richard Bean added.

The new Digital Citizens Guide is also welcomed by a wide range of industry and community partners, including: Google, Facebook, Telstra, Microsoft, the Commonwealth Bank, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, Yahoo!7, the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, the Internet Industry Association, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, the Family Online Safety Institute, Bravehearts, and the Centre for Internet Safety.

Richard Bean says the Guide’s message is not about being wary online, but coming up to speed with digital technologies and making informed choices.

“Our long experience in the cybersafety world has confirmed that a positive approach to the use of the internet is what’s really needed.”

“Our research tells us that Australians will welcome these clearly actionable steps. The Digital Citizens Guide will help Australians stay safe, and reflect positive values while participating in everyday online activities like socialising, shopping and accessing information.”

The Guide and a short video are available at Please contact us for a broadcast quality version of the video.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: Gretchen Martins on (03) 9963 6801 or

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25 July 2013

Last updated: 25 July 2013



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