iGEA Submission to Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council


Recently iGEA and the GDAA made a submission to the issues paper released by the Commonwealth Consumers Affairs Advisory Council on App Purchases by Australian consumers on mobile and handheld devices.

Our full submission is here and in summary:

  1. The significant majority of users enjoy mobile and handheld games an in-app purchases (IAPs) without any issues, and only a small percentage of users have reported problems with mobile games and IAP’s;
  2. The industry are reactive to consumer demands and concerns and aleady provide sufficient processes and systems to address the problems that may arise with IAPs and arms consumers with the tools needed to sercurely manage the purchase of IAPs;
  3. Consumers must actively use the systems and processes introduced by industry to address any problems that may arise with mobile games and IAPs;
  4. Regulation on this issue is unnecessary as there are sufficient protections currently available such as consumer protection laws.  Any regulation on this issue would be problematic and may affect the availability of content in Australia

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