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iGEA was very lucky to be part of Creative Australia Online 2011.  We recently partnered with AIMIA, GDAA, Google, ninemsn and Yahoo 7 to showcase a range of exciting Australian content across digital platforms.

The internet and rapid advances in technology offer Australians the opportunity to access, present and distribute all kinds of content like never before.  It was both amazing and inspiring to see some of the content being created locally and how far the audience reach is both at home and abroad.

Google have blogged on the event and created a fantastic showreel to demonstrate the type of content Australians are creating.  To get a snapshot of the highlights, click here

At the event itself there were some fabulous presentations from the likes of:

  • The creators of Beached Az – 3 Australians who created a very cheap viral video and have watched it turn into a merchandising and broadcast success story
  • The Sydney Opera House and their partnership with YouTube to create the YouTube Symphony Orchestra by choosing 101 musicians from 33 countries on YouTube, and then bringing them together for a week long music festival.  Plus their recent project as they reinterpreted the iconic Nick Cave song with outstanding Australian artists and performers.  This is a truly beautiful adaptation.
  • The GDAA who had 3 Australian Game Developers talking about some of their success stories and upcoming games. HalfBrick Studios the Brisbane based Developers of the hugely successful Fruit Ninja and the recently launched Jet Pack Joyride which is at the top of the itunes charts. John Passfield the Creative Director of 3 Blokes studios who has worked on hugely successful titles like Hospital Town, Virtual Villages and Galactic Trader pointed out that games are now a service in the digital space and can be adapted and measured constantly as gameplay is monitored.  Robert Connolly the extremely successful Producer, Director and Writer of films such as The Boys, Romulus My Father and Balibo to name a few is now turning his skills to games with the development of a new game called WARCO – a very unique and interesting game about journalism in a warzone.  We are really looking forward to seeing this game launch.
  • Presentations from ninemsn and Yahoo7 on how news is changing with these new technologies as well

The way Australians are embracing and using these new digital platforms to tell Australian stories to the rest of the world with such high quality content is certainly something we should be proud of!


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