SA Attorney General Michael Atkinson Quits the Front Bench


As reported at, Michael Atkinson has stepped aside in the Labour Ministry in order to make way for other “talented” backbenchers.

Our thoughts:

Michael Atkinson has been a very vocal opponent of an R18+ classification for video games and whilst his views represent a percentage of the community, we don’t believe, and research supports this, that his views reflect the majority of Australians – both gamers and non gamers.

Mr. Atkinson said in his statement to the media yesterday that he “believes there should be renewal” in the front bench and he is giving an opportunity to those in the talented ranks of the Labor party to step up.  Naturally, we are hopeful that the next South Australian Attorney General has an interest in understanding the complex issue of classification and the need to create an adult category that will better protect people and enable adults to access content that is developed for them.  We look forward to working with the new South Australian  Attorney General.

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