Former OFLC Deputy Director adds voice to R18+ consultation


Paul Hunt, former Deputy Director of the OFLC and now Principal Consultant at MLCS Management has made a submission to the public consultation on an R18+ classification for video games.

I particularly liked the irony of his closing paragraph:

The current discussion is an opportunity for the Australian Government to take a leadership role with its State and Territory colleagues and repair the dangerous gap in the National Classification Scheme created by past mistakes.   The Australian Government and Censorship Ministers have made the wrong decision about this issue in the past.  There is a need to follow South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson’s advice on a recent similar issue regarding the rights and freedoms of Australians – an attempt to restrict political comment on the internet: “When one gets public opinion wrong, as I did, one has to change one’s mind.” *  (Emphasis added)

Paul’s full submission can be found here.


* SA backs down on internet comment curb,, Feb 3, 2010 7:55am AEDT

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