Games Sales Resilient in 2009 Despite Tough Economic Climate


-Video Game Sales Crack $2 billion in 2009-

Sydney, January 20, 2010 – Australia’s interactive gaming and entertainment industry continues to hold its own achieving a record sales result of just over $2 billion for the 2009 calendar year.

Despite last year’s challenging economic climate, sales data compiled by independent market research group GfK Retail and Technology Australia reveal video and computer gaming sales record of $2.05 billion – an increase of 4 per cent from 2008.  The data includes all sales from hardware, gaming peripherals and traditionally boxed software, yet excludes revenue generated from online retail sales, downloadable content, online games subscriptions and games delivered to mobile phones.

‘Family Games’ remain key to the industry’s stability proving to be the best selling genre for the second year in a row.  27 per cent of all games sold were from the ‘Family Games’ genre – up 11 per cent from 2008.  The second most popular genre was Action, making up 15 per cent of all games sold.

According to Ron Curry, CEO of the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (iGEA), the healthy sales results highlight the buoyancy of Australia’s video and computer gaming industry, particularly compared to overseas gaming markets that have not seen increases in sales due to the economic turbulence of the past 12 months.

“Australia’s interactive entertainment industry continues to maintain sales despite the global economic slowdown.  Video games remain a popular household pastime that can be played by the entire family.  Whilst a modest increase, we need to view this against a very tough economic environment and avoid comparing it to last year  where consumers  used their Government stimulus package to invest in a form of entertainment that brings the whole family together and can be enjoyed time and time again,” said Curry.

Software sales increased by 6 per cent from last year and hardware sales remain steady with 2.247 million units sold in 2009 compared to 2.249 million units sold in 2008.

Sales for gaming peripherals also experienced an increase of 31 per cent, which is no surprise considering the sheer number of households in the country that now have consoles.

“Despite a challenging economic climate, interactive entertainment has proven to offer families good value entertainment.  We expect that in 2010 the industry will continue to maintain its steady sales performance as playing video games becomes as popular as watching television or surfing the net,” said Curry.

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