Tips on how best to respond to the R18+ Discussion Paper


With the release of the long awaited discussion paper, the community now has a formal opportunity to have their voice heard on the R18+ classification issue. We have compiled a few tips to help ensure that you make the most of your submission.


  1. Carefully read both the Discussion Paper and Submission Template.  For those wanting to do the minimum, the Submission Template allows for an easy way to give feedback to government.  Both can be found here:
  2. Ensure that your correspondence is measured and clear. Perhaps have your submission reviewed by a friend who can check it for you?
  3. Don’t be abusive or offensive – it will undermine your arguments.
  4. Remember that you are sending a message to people who may not play or understand games, so don’t use gamer tags – use your name and be respectful with your choice of words.
  5. Where possible address the arguments highlighted in the paper itself, and make an effort to contribute to the consultation in a meaningful and positive manner.


Good luck!

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