Facts about Video & Computer game piracy


Video & Computer Game Piracy

What is Piracy? It includes:

      • Copying or “burning” games to a disk


      • Sharing games on peer-to-peer networks


    • Illegally downloading games from the Internet

Is Piracy a problem? Yes

      • 41% of Australians surveyed would buy a pirated game at a discount of 75% or less*


      • Almost 50% said they would accept a game if it were free*


    • Buying illegal games means you don’t know who you’re dealing with or where your money will go

Piracy affects us all and has specific costs for:

    • It is estimated that local Australian games retailers lose $21.8 million and suppliers $4.3 million each year as a result of piracy*


      • Game piracy means less industry investment in new game development and console technology for consumers


    • Piracy denies Australians hundreds of jobs each year

Australian games industry:

      • Australia has a world-class computer and video game industry. Every pirated game damages the future of games development in Australia


    • Piracy costs the industry $100 million* in lost sales each year or 19 per cent of sales

Reducing piracy by 1/3 in the toy, software and video games industries would:

      • Increase real GDP by $41 million – a net gain to the economy of $466.3 million*


      • Raise real government tax revenue of $34.4 million – a net gain of $487.2 million*


      • Grow consumer confidence


    • Create greater certainty for investors – a strong intellectual property regime is a key factor in attracting overseas investment

*Source Allen Consulting Group

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